Victim-Centric Mass Violence After Action Reports

A primary focus of the National Mass Violence Center is to address the mental health and victim assistance needs of victims, survivors, family members and communities impacted by a mass violence incident. In many communities, After Action Reports — also called After Action Reviews — are generated following MVIs and include a wealth of information about pre-event preparations, acute response and post-event support services. 

These two supporting documents provide in-depth guidance about how to plan and develop an After Action Report while taking victim needs into consideration. 

MVC After Action Report Review

A review of the scope and content of existing After Action Reports was conducted to better understand the potential areas of improvements to such reports, especially as it relates to victim and mental and behavioral health services.


Victim Centric MVI AAR Recommendations and Template

In addition to providing in-depth guidance about how to plan and develop an After Action Report, this review also provides a strong foundation to help plan a coordinated response to MVIs across multiple agencies and jurisdictions. It also includes a template for agencies to use as they create After Action Reports.


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